Service Outline

The company’s PCCL (Precision Chemtech Co., Ltd.) provides service content, including the operation of factory gas/chemical system, daily chemical acid barrel/cylinder replacement and pure/waste liquid tank filling operations, Slurry System operation, maintenance, troubleshooting of abnormal conditions, material parts management, personnel education, and training and data management, system emergency handling, etc.

PCCL TGCM service advantages:

  • Professional factory staff
  • Provide complete and executive education and training
  • Reduce customer labor costs
  • Provide a professional, careful and stable operation team

Emergency Exception Support Arrangement Plan

On call rotation table:

  • 2 Emergency ON-Call personnel are scheduled for holidays in advance during the monthly schedule
  • All personnel provide emergency contact person for notifications the social app to establish a network
  • Due to the pre-scheduled on call, the response time was shortened to 3 hours to reach the scene

Owner’s urgent manpower needs:

  • Contact Leader to understand the situation, set up a temporary PM Team according to the number of people and enter the factory

Escalate mechanism:

  • Regular (Monthly) meetings with customers to discuss and provide improvement plans
  • Performance appraisal with customers to improve the quality of personnel